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Talking Studios is a list aggregator for recording music, voice over, background music, photography and videography studios. We offer a list and contact information of studios in your neighborhood or as per search parameters.

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    Recording Studio 2k18

    So you have made your record and now you are thinking of getting it mastered. But what mastering studio should you use? It's come to our attention recently that an increasing number of recording studios of 2k18 are beginning to offer mastering services and various other services . Here are the list of verified and professional recording studios of 2018 which offers such services...

    Home recording studio setup for beginners

    Are you just getting started with your first home recording studio setup? Maybe you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused? Good news … you are in the right place! At Talking Studios we have years of experience in helping people get started....

    How to run successful recording studios

    “For the most part you have a finite amount of time while in the studio. “Given that, try to have a realistic idea of how long you want to spend on each song and then break that up depending on how long you want to spend on each part for each song.”“For the most part you have a finite amount of time while in the studio....

    Tips For Mixing Your Tracks

    Once you have  obtained good takes on all the vocals, the backing tracks, the drums and the various instruments for each track, the next step is to mix them. Here are some tips to help produce better mixes....

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